7 unconventional date ideas in Singapore

First dates, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or just because - truly unique date ideas are always hard to come by. Lucky for you this isn’t the case in Singapore. We’ve made it much easier for you by putting together this list of unconventional date ideas for the adventurous couple in Singapore.

1. Get crafty with a creative workshop

Man and woman working at work bench with tools and thread

Workshops from Concrete Everything, Myatodesign, Crafune, and The Green Capsule are a great way for a crafty couple to have fun together while getting in touch with their creative side. The best part is that afterwards you can take home your own creations!

2. A kayak fishing tour, for the adventurous couple

Man and woman fishing in kayaks

If you’d like more adventure on your date, why not try your hand at Kayak Fishing? Kayak Fishing Frenzy offers tours for all levels, and experiences are limited to just two people! This means you and your significant other will have the waters to yourselves (and your friendly instructor). Kayak fishing tours last 3-5 hours and include many scenic and even hidden fishing spots around Singapore. Your fishing equipment, bait, guide, and your own pedal-powered fishing kayak are all included.

3. Create some fun and long lasting memories together with a customised outdoor photo shoot

Couple walking in park

Choose your own iconic location somewhere in Singapore, or have the studio recommend one. Sometimes the best date is one that you’ll remember forever. This outdoor photography session includes 90 minutes on unlimited shots with all images sent to you in high resolution and the best 50 images edited.

4. Get your adrenaline pumping and feel like you’re living the high life while you drive a luxury car together

Four luxury cars

Experience the thrill of driving on part of the official Singapore F1 track in a Lamborghini Gallardo, McLaren MP4-12C Spider, or Ferrari California. The Ultimate Driver experience offered by Ultimate Drive will have you and your SO cruising through the city in your choice of supercar for anywhere up to 60 minutes. For that really special occasion, you could even consider getting chauffeured in a Rolls Royce Ghost.

5. For the ultimate badass couple, spend an afternoon Axe Throwing at Singapore’s only indoor Axe Throwing range

Man and woman throwing axes

Release some aggression together as you hurl axes towards your unsuspecting wooden target. Axe throwing is an experience for badass couples that really want to do away with the conventional date night. Axe Factor is Singapore’s only indoor axe throwing range, and for just $70 you could make sure you have a whole lane to yourselves for an hour. This is a great idea for the couple looking for a unique date on a budget.

6. For one of the most fun dates in Singapore, take your SO wakeboarding

Man wakeboarding

Get pulled behind a boat and surf its wake with Ryders Singapore, then it’s your turn to take photos and videos and your date does the same. Wakeboarding could be one of the most fun pass times in Singapore, so why not do it with someone special? You’ll get the hang of it in no time and soon you’ll be cruising along behind the boat with the wind in your hair.

7. For a relaxing date where you can both calm your mind and your body, try something new with Ajna Light Therapy Meditation

Man helping woman meditate in dark room

Not every unconventional date has to be action packed with axe throwing, wakeboarding, fishing, and driving supercars. This Ajna Light Therapy Meditation for two is the perfect date idea if you want to relax, rejuvenate, and re-energise with this guided meditation session from Sagehouse. You can immerse yourselves in the aromatherapy and the flicker of the Ajna Light as together you eliminate your stressors and anxieties. This is the perfect date idea for the couple who want to set time aside to be mindful and take a step back from the aggravators of daily life.

So there you have it, 7 ideas for unconventional dates in Singapore. At Misobase we are committed to providing you the perfect experiences and gifts in Singapore for any occasion. For more experiences in Singapore that would make for a great date or couples experience, check out our experiences for couples, Valentine’s Day gift ideas, Anniversary gift ideas, and our other collections. There are heaps of unique activities for couples in Singapore if you look for them. How about solving a virtual reality puzzle together, taking a private couple’s yoga class, trying something new with an introductory acting workshop, order a couple’s massage right in your own home, or exploring even more meditation sessions such as sound and breath meditation or ancient singing bowl meditation.