Introducing Misobase Corporate

Today we're happy to announce that the Misobase Corporate programme is now live!

The new Misobase Corporate programme enables businesses to use Misobase’s impressive range of unique experiences to incentivise sales teams, boost staff benefits, recognise achievements and milestones, and improve relationships with clients and business partners.

What is Misobase Corporate and how does it work?

Misobase Corporate is a corporate gifting programme that includes an array of packages that businesses can use to better engage their staff and improve relationships with clients and business partners.

The programme allows you to purchase Misobase Gift Vouchers at discount. You can brand your Gift Vouchers with a company logo, personalise them with a message, and use them for staff incentives, benefits, gifts, and more. Gift Vouchers can be used on any experience listed on Misobase.

All packages include:

  • The chance to buy Misobase Gift Vouchers at a discount.
  • Gift Vouchers branded with your own company logo.
  • Set-up and distribution of your Gift Vouchers.
  • A dedicated account manager at no cost.

Misobase Corporate packages can be tailored to your needs, and have been created to help companies both large and small to:

Incentivise sales teams: If you’re rewarding your sales teams with monthly or quarterly performance incentives, you can buy a recurring pool of discounted credits to allocate to high performing staff.

Celebrate staff milestones: Celebrate the success of a new project, a work anniversary, or just say “good job” with an unforgettable experience. For one-off or infrequent gifts you can buy a sum of credit at a discount to send to one recipient, or many recipients.

Boost your employee benefits: Incorporate Misobase Corporate into your employee benefits for a cost effective way to enhance your salary packages. Give your employees credit they can use towards a range of experiences from adrenaline-pumping experiences, to creative workshops, to health and fitness.

Improve relationships with clients: Reach out to your clients and ensure you stay top of mind with your own branded Gift Vouchers. Get in touch with a client you haven’t heard from for a while, or celebrate a new partnership.

Motivating teams with gifting

It’s been known for a long time now that happy employees don’t just stay around longer, they perform better. Fortune’s top 100 companies to work for have been proven to grow their stock prices more than twice as fast as the overall market in the past, and happiness in the workforce has been shown to increase sales, productivity, and accuracy on tasks.

An large factor contributing to employee happiness is making your employees feel valued, recognised, and appreciated. A strong programme of recognition and reward can be created through gifts to employees. Gifts to recognise a job well done, gifts to recognise meeting or exceeding their sales targets, and gifts to let them know you notice them and value their contribution to your team.

Corporate gifting for relationship building

84% of B2B marketers say brand awareness is their most important goal. You can use corporate gifting to build and strengthen positive relationships with your clients and business partners.

Reaching out with a gift to celebrate the completion of a challenging project, or sending a birthday gift to an important client, can send a strong message about how you value your business relationship. Gifts can go a long way in maintaining coveted top-of-mind awareness the next time that client has a job they could use you for, or the next time a partner is asked to make a referral.

Why give experiential gifts?

If you’re giving a gift, ultimately the goal is happiness. If you’re giving a gift to staff you want them to feel a stronger bond with your company, for them to feel happy to be a part of your team, and to feel accomplished and valued. If you’re giving to a client or a business partner, you want them to keep a positive association with your brand and to remember you when it counts.

Research shows that experiences make people happier than material gifts, they stay happier, and they remember them longer. This means the experiences you gift to your clients will turn into long lasting memories and stories that will be enthusiastically shared with others. The experiences you gift to your employees will elevate their mood for longer, becoming a small part of their identity and bonding them closer with your brand.

Getting started with Misobase Corporate

The goal of Misobase Corporate is to help businesses strengthen relationships with their staff, clients, and business partners through corporate experience gifting. To inquire, you can send an email to

You can also find out more about Misobase Corporate here: