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Man helping woman on pilates machine
Man helping man and woman on pilates machines
Man helping man and woman on pilates machines
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Personal pilates training for two people

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Two people can enjoy a private one-on-two pilates class.

Pilates is a series of roughly 500 exercises derived from yoga, ballet and calisthenics (bodyweight exercises). They are designed to tone the core to create muscular balance while releasing stress and anxiety in the body. At the same time, pilates focuses on lengthening and strengthening all the major muscles as well as the little muscles you didn’t even know existed.

    Your private class will be conducted on one or multiple machines depending on what the focus is (The Pilates Cadillac, Pilates Reformer, Pilates Chair and Pilates Ladder Barrel).

    Whether you are an athlete with a high capability of movement, or someone who has suffered from a series of injuries undergoing physiotherapy and movement rehabilitation, a one-on-one pilates class can be customized to your needs and goals.


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    Other important information

    Please wear comfortable exercise clothing that does not restrict blood circulation.

    No belts or jeans.

    Bring a pair of non-slip socks.

    Each class will accommodate two people.