Become a Supplier

Misobase is an online experience gifting platform. We enable discovery, sharing, and gifting of unique experiences across Singapore.

How it works

Discover: Customers come to Misobase looking for ideas of unique experiences they can book or gift in Singapore.

Purchase: Customers can choose to buy or gift your experience, or they can buy a Misobase gift card that can be used to purchase any experience on the website.

Redeem: Customers redeem their experiences directly with you. Just use your existing business process! You are notified instantly when a customer purchases your experience.


What it means to be a Supplier

Our mission is to help our Suppliers reach a far wider audience by enabling discovery, sharing, and gifting of your experiences.

We are a seamless channel for customers to discover and gift your experiences. 

We take care of the marketing and technology. You just do what you do best - provide an unforgettable experience.


How we support you

Product help: We’re available to help you 7 days a week, with fast turnaround times for responding to your support queries.

Transparent reporting: We frequently send you reports on how your experience is performing and payments due to you.

Instant notifications: You are instantly notified when a customer purchases your experience.

Fast payment: You are paid quickly for the experiences we sell for you, without any long and drawn-out payment periods.


Become a supplier

To get started, simply fill out our Supplier information form and we will be in touch soon.

If you have any more questions, we’re happy to help. Simply contact us using the form below.