Man helping meditating woman with breath
Man helping woman meditate
Man meditating in dark room
Man helping woman meditate in dark room
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Private Ajna Light Therapy Meditation Session for two people

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Experience one hour of Anjana Light Therapy Meditiation for two people.

The flicker effect of the Ajna Light alters consciousness and improves the experience of relaxation.

With expert one-on-one guided facilitation using aromatherapy, guided visualization and supportive touch. Ajna light meditation sessions are intended to help you to:

  • Eliminate stress & anxiety.
  • Expand your focus and concentration.
  • Enhance creativity.
  • Balance emotional disturbances and builds confidence.
  • Open pathways to higher states of consciousness.


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Other important information
  • Session lasts one hour.
  • Please wear comfortable exercise clothing that does not restrict the way you sit.
  • This experience is for two people.