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Sound and breath meditation

Align Origins Holistic Wellness
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How often do you connect with your breath each day? Are you aware of your breath patterns when you are stressed or happy?

Breath is the foundation of living and fundamental for an effective yoga practice.
The Session focuses on Nada (Sound) Yoga, pranayama (Breath) techniques, and vocalising of the breath paired with aromatherapy.

Experience calm and learn to manage stress effectively, as you build awareness and appreciation of the space between each breath. Tingsha bells and Ancient Singing Bowls will be played to help further integrate sound vibrations into, and with, each breath.


  • Stress management
  • Decreases anxiety, depression
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Relaxation
  • Ease of breathing
  • Increases oxygen into the system
  • Grounded and Centred  

The supplier will specify the location of the experience when your booking is made.

Other important information
  • Experience lasts 90 mins.
  • Yoga Mats and cushions are provided.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing for lying down.
  • Bring a cardigan if it helps you feel more comfortable.
  • Water and Tea provided.