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3 hour Women's personal shopping with a professional stylist

Julia Blank
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A professional personal stylist will spend 3 hours with you on a shopping spree. You will identify items that may not suit your body shape, your style, and put together new outfits you would have never thought of.

For this experience, your stylist will be Julia Blank. A Ukrain-born personal stylist who moved from New York to Singapore in 2007, Julia boasts a client list that includes public figures, actors, and prominent businessmen and women.

Where Julia really excels is helping her customers achieve their ultimate goals in dressing and representing themselves in the best possible light.


What's included?

The experience begins with a brief interview to determine your needs, lifestyle and your budget. After that, Julia will analyze your body type and talk with you about what style suits you. Then, you will go on a shopping spree. Julia will demonstrate how the right cut and fabric can conceal the flaws and reveal the assets of your body.

Dressing well isn't about following trends or spending a lot on your clothes. It's all about knowing what works for you.



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Other important information

Once you make a booking with the Supplier, cancellations can only be made up to 24 hours before your booking.

Spending money not included.